Different statutes of limitations will apply depending on whether the State or the local government takes title. For a State taking, the time in which to file a claim against the State is three years from the date of receipt of the Notice of Appropriation. This, however, is not simple as it appears since the State’s failure to serve the Notice of Appropriation in accordance with the EDPL may not actually toll the statute of limitations. If notice has not been given appropriately, claims can be filed after the three year period subsequent to the vesting of title. See EDPL §502(A) and §503(A).

In respect to the vesting of title by local governments, the date in which a claim must be filed is set by the Supreme Court vesting order and may extend anywhere from six months to three years. EDPL §503(B). Failure to file within that period of time can be excused for a good cause shown. Obviously, it is not recommended that a claimant wait until the last moment to file a claim. It is almost always in the property owner’s best interest to file a claim immediately so as to prevent any question of the timeliness of the claim. In fact, although in a State condemnation the claimant has three years to file, interest can be suspended if the claim is not filed within six (6) months after the Notice of Appropriation. See EDPL §514.

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