The question of the effect of an environmental condition on the valuation of the property for condemnation or just compensation purposes is still an open issue. As of the date of this brochure, no New York appellate court has rendered a definitive determination on how costs of remediation fit into the valuation of property where there is an environmental condition. The position of the government is that these costs must be deducted from the gross market value to determine the net market value of the property and the position of the claimant/property owner is that it would be improper to impose costs of remediation as a deduction, especially where the property taken has been operating without interference with this condition. Trial courts which have addressed the issue have largely found that either the costs of remediation may not properly be deducted from the award, or that the amount of costs of remediation which can be deducted are limited by various circumstances. This is still a developing area of condemnation law and you, as property owner, should feel free to contact us to discuss this problem if the situation applies.

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