The damages can be both “direct” and “indirect.” Direct damages are the value of the property physically taken. Indirect damages, which are also known as “severance” or “consequential” damages, are the loss in value to the remaining property by reason of the taking of a portion of the property (e.g., loss of frontage or access) or by reason of the use to which the condemned parcel is being put by the government (e.g., a landfill or an incinerator). [There is a technical difference between “severance” and “consequential” damages. Severance damages represent the loss in value (i.e., diminution) in the utility or potential of the remainder land by reason of the taking. Consequential damages are the damages caused to the remainder land resulting from the use of the land taken by the government. For example, if the government takes part of your property to erect an incinerator or toxic waste facility, the resulting damages are consequential.]

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