The appraisers, engineers and/or inspectors for the condemning authority have the right to inspect property (even before the formal taking) for the purpose of gathering information upon which to base an appraisal. This inspection could even include environmental testing. The appraiser should be given access to the premises and, in fact, has a right to access the premises. Otherwise, the property owner may waive or delay its right to an advance payment. See EDPL §§302 and 404.

You should keep a record of which appraisers, engineers and/or inspectors visit the premises, the date of their visit and the time spent by them in the premises. They should contact you in advance to arrange a time that is mutually convenient and not appear without notifying you first.

Before the inspection can take place, the condemnor must give you notice, and may be required to post a bond to cover against any damages caused by the inspection. If this situation occurs, or you are uncertain, it is important that you contact your condemnation counsel immediately as this inspection could interfere significantly with the use of your property. Counsel will assure that an appropriate bond or restrictions are placed on such inspection.

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